February 2020

100 Blocks in 100 days Challenge Quilts

Sharon put all 100 blocks in a grid

Donna used 91 blocks in her quilt

Myriam put all her blocks on point

Nancy had a unique arrangement

Anne Marie's quilt was huge as

she used all 100 blocks

Nancy used some of the blocks

in this gray quilt

Nancy used the rest in this

colorful quilt - so different

Lynne had 49 blocks in her quilt

Quilt Presentations to

Last Year's Presidents

Jeri presented the quilt she made to Shawna Campbell

Kathleen presented this quilt to Nancy Toney - different members made each block and Kathleen put it together

Spotlight on Durlyn Finnie

Durlyn was an amazing quilter and many of our members reminisced about her and showed us quilts she had made.


Elosise shared a quilt Durlyn

made that she owned.

Nancy told the story about this

quilt that Durlyn made.

Carolyn with a sample quilt

for the Bargello project

Patty - a new member with her quilt

Donna with a Valentine project

Leia showing quilts her Mother had

Carolyn with the Veterans quilt

made from blocks donated

by members of the guild

Sharon with a beautiful geometric quilt

Donna with her quilt

from Lori Kennedy's class

Connie with her 98th Veteran's Quilt

Lynne with a quilt from Ginger's fabric

Linda with her Merman doll

Carla with her mesh bag -

Kaunoa class

Jane with a log cabin themed quilt

Michel with her mesh bag -

Kaunoa class

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