April 2019

Annual Auction

March 2019 - Sunset Quilt Class

Linda M, Janelle T, Carolyn W,

Harriet G, Joanne Q, Carol L

Penny's set for our class - great visual aids !!

Pam Q, Nancy R, Barbara V, Donna K,

Jan Y, Eloise O, Laura Me L, Myrian T

Carolyn W with her Hawaiian

red/white/blue patriotic block

Nancy R nearly done with her

turquoise & print runner

Eloise O making her refreshing

green blocks

Barbara V working on her square

Myriam T finishing her square with center "piko"

Laura L shows off here butterfly & turquoise square

Barbara V, Donna K & Linda M cutting their strips

Linda M with her 3 square multi-batik

Carol L doing her Alaska tan-brown squares

Janelle with a complete square

Barbara V's pastel 3 square runner

Pam showing off here orange and brown feather print square

Carolyn W cutting her strips

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Janelle T putting together turquoise/green batiks

Thank you to Penny Dant for taking the time to teach this class.

We had a great time and learned so much!

Over half the class plans to go on and make the full quilt,

while others will start off with the 3 square runner. We had

a lot of fun, accomplished our block goals and enjoyed the

peaceful setting of St John's.

Penny has challenged the ladies to work on their quilts and

runners with an eye to group-displaying them at the St. John's

Festival on September 21, 2019.

Jan Y hides behind her earth-toned block.

A teaser of things to come.... applique borders in July.....

another class by Penny Dant