2019.01 Gallery

Shawna Campbell, New 2019 President

Penny Dant describing classes she would teach

Penny's sample showing borders and sunrise quilt

Penny's sample of Sunrise quilt

Penny D with two Sunshine quilt table runners

Chris & Elyn talking about Collage Class

VP Carolyn Wallace explains social mixer

Jan C and her Sashiko Quilt

Paula Iannello

Paula Iannello

Chris Faulkner with pillow

Chris with strip quilt sample square

Nancy Meyer with quilt for neighbor's baby

Ooops… they are having a girl. So Nancy made the same quilt in pink.

Janelle with Maui Veterans Quilt

Alyson with Star Wars Pillow

Alyson with back of Star Wars Pillow

Alyson with Frozen Pillow

Alyson's Pillow with Harry Potter Theme