20th Anniversary Party 2016

January 23, 2016
Café O'Lei, Maui Dunes

Greeters Jean and Valentina

Jeri, Lyndell, Laura, and Jan

Shana, Logan, Eloise, Kolleen

Winnie and Joanne

Durlyn, Kathy, and Kathy

Lisa, Carolyn, and Friend

Gretchen and Shel

Joan, Penny, and Elyn

Marion and Terrie

Patsy and Pam

Nancy and Patricia

Earlene and Sharon

Party Time


Charter member Shel
giving tribute to guild and loving friendships

Marion's memento Hawaiian Quilt

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All Rights Reserved

Mistress of Ceremonies

Joyce and Maryam

Judy, Ann Marie, and Tabitha

Beth and Dianna

Chris and Shawna

Suzanne, Sandy, Donna, and Cheryl

Wanda and Friends

Annette and Alyson

Elyn and Penny

Sheila, Lynne, and Beverly

Pam and Ruth

Barb and Linda

Sharmen and Suzanne



Charter member Marion
describing her journey with the guild

Penny listing past guild presidents

Door Prizes

Sharon, Joyce, Maryam

Russell, Cleta, Frenchie, and Bobbie

Linda, Karen, and Friend

Carol and Kathleen

Donna and Sharmen

Linda and Jackie

Melissa and Joan

Shel and Penny

Nancy and Marion

Myriam and Sandy

Marguerite and Sandra

Jane, Lillian, and Marsha


Elyn introducing speakers

Marion's quilting mementos

Dianna honoring the memory
of members who have passed on