About Maui Quilt Guild

2020 Officers
President:                       Alyson Danford
Vice President:             Chris Faulkner

Co-Secretaries:             Tabitha Benner    
                                          Marsha Linden       

Co-Treasurers:            Donna Kauhane
                                      Gretchen Spring

Committee Chairs
Auction:                              Gloria Roman
                                              Carol Langer

Facility Booking:             Nancy Meyer
                                          Anne Marie Studer

Historian:                         Jean Heselden

Hospitality:                       Barbara Verkaart

                                             Ann Marie Colombo                                          

Library:                              Jeri Zintgraff

                                              Sharon Beach

Maui Quilts
for Veterans:                    Carolyn Wallace
                                              Anne Marie Studer
Membership:                   Janelle Tryggestad

Newsletter:                       Janelle Tryggestad

Parliamentarian:            Michel Renaud

Photographer:                 Janelle Tryggestad
                                             Jean Heselden

TLC Comfort Quilts:       Eloise Okimoto
                                             Laura Legsay

Website:                             Janelle Tryggestad
                                             Jean Heselden         

Welcoming:                      Lynne Gregg
Yellow Ribbon:               Alyson Danford
                                            Penny Sieling

Sunshine Committee:   Keri Duke


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Mission Statement
The purpose of the Maui Quilt Guild (MQG) is to preserve the traditions, culture and history of quilting, and to promote the knowledge and understanding of the art of quilting through continuing education services for members and public education activities.

MQG membership is open to anyone interested in quilts and who supports the purpose of the Guild.  Anyone interested in joining should contact our Treasurer.  Monthly membership meetings are held the First Tuesday of each month.  Official Guild business is discussed at Board Meetings.

All are invited to attend.  Watch the newsletter or listen for announcements at Guild for meeting dates and times of board meetings


Our guild was incorporated in October, 1997 as a non-profit 501(c) (3) in the State of Hawaii. 
The By-Laws of the Maui Quilt Guild can be viewed by clicking the link below: 

If you have any questions, or wish more information about the Maui Quilt Guild, please Contact Us.

Maui Quilt Guild

P.O. Box 330291

Kahului, HI 96733-0291

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