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December 2016

Annual Holiday Potluck

Sandy being presented
with President's Quilt by Elyn

Lynne with Yellow Ribbon quilt

Donna with 2 dog quilt

Embellishments on Jeri's tree

Alyson's gift for her "boss"

Durlyn's pieced quilt

Cheryl with Yellow Ribbon quilt

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December 2016

Annual Holiday Potluck

Sandy with President's Quilt
created by Elyn

Matti with Yellow Ribbon quilt

Detail from Donna's quilt

Alyson with Yellow Ribbon quilt

Alyson with gift baby quilt

Kathleen's pieced quilt

President quilt for Sandy

December 2016

Board Members: Laura, Lyndell, Sandy, Sheila, and Nancy

Hand embroidered detail
on Sandy's quilt

New puppy quilt by Donna

Jeri's reversible
Christmas trees

Alyson with one of  over 30
Yellow Ribbon quilts
made by our members

Penny's quilt for her daughter-in-law

Backing for Kathleen's quilt

Makahiki Hou !!

See you in 2017