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January 2016

Anne Marie's tote bag,
her first quilting project

Detail of Pam's machine applique quilt

Penny with 3 of her projects

Detail from quilt for Penny's daughter-in-law

Backing of Suzanne's
reversible modern quilt

Detail from Jan's quilt

Alyson's star pillow

Mattie's Christmas tree skirt
from the front

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January 2016

Pam's machine applique bed quilt

Pam's sashiko blocks bed quilt

Detail of Penny's baby quilt

Suzanne's modern quilt

Jan's pieced quilt

Sandy's quilt incorporating
red work

Alyson's calendar boys and
calendar girls quilts

Jane's panel quilt
January 2016

Overview of Pam's quilt

Ruth's machine applique baby quilt

Quilt for Penny's daughter-in-law

Detail from Suzanne's modern quilt

Jan's quilt with iceberg photos

Detail from Sandy's quilt

Mattie's Christmas tree
skirt from the back