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September 2015

Carolyn Wallace's program on 
Quilts by Tent Makers of Cairo

Carolyn collected many quilts
while in Cairo

Subtle colors

Intricate hand applique

Scalloped edge treatment

Detail from Nancy's quilt

Alyson's 2015 summer storms quilt
showing Kilo, Ignacio, and Jimena

Chris was inspired by Korean Bojagi
when making this machine stitched
set of log cabin blocks

Contemporary collaboration
between Donna and Karen

Kathleen's Halloween placemats

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September 2015

Quilt by Tent Maker of Cairo

Colorful variations

Colorful radial symmetry

Balanced colors

Nancy with Maui themed quilt

Detail from Nancy's quilt

Hawaiian islands facing Ignacio

Detail of flat fell seams

Jane's contemporary quilt
September 2015

Detail of hand applique work

Blue variations

Cheerful birds

Detail of hand applique work

Nancy's Maui quilt

Nancy's dark quilt

Sheila's vintage fabric quilt

Donna with contemporary
scrap quilt

Kathleen's contemporary quilt