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Kathleen M explaining the Christmas Block Exchange.
Shown is Nancy's prior year Halloween block exchange quilt.

Count down 6 squares from the top, cut diagonally to the first square on opposite side and repeat for the bottom 6 squares

Sew the 2 smaller triangles together, then sew the 2 
large triangles together    

Quilts by Cleta, Barbara, Linda,
Harriet and Myriam from Penny Dant's
Sunset Quilt Class

Redwork Group's auction quilt made by Earlene, Jeri, Jan, Eloise, Lyn, Laura, Marion, Kathleen, Elyn & Shel

Nancy Rose with her fishes quilt

Chris F with her patch quilt

Alyson D with 2nd quilt for the twin boys

Jackie H with an antique quilt top she finished & quilted

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May 2019

President Nancy Toney's demo on making an on-point quilt 
using charm squares - Sew 6 blocks together in a row

Cutting the squares

Example of the quilt sewn up with no sashing or binding

Quilts by Keri, Janelle, and Nancy from 
Penny Dant's Sunset Quilt Class

Pam Kim's frog quilt

Laura L joked about how she collected fabric scraps from 
everyone and used them in this paper pieced mini-quilt

Myriam T with her fishes quilt

Alyson D with her striped quilt

Alyson with a quilt in honor of the Hawaiian canoe 
Hokule’a that sailed around the world

Make total of 12 - 6 block rows and sew them together

You end up with 1 large triangle & 2 smaller ones

Example of a finished quilt
See the May newsletter for detailed instructions.

Quilts by Eloise, Jan, and Laura from 
Penny Dant's Sunset Quilt Class

Pam's adorable label on the back

Laura's finished quilt - how many pieces???

The back of Myriam's fishes quilt

Alyson D with one of 2 quilts made for twin boys

Alyson with one more quilt