2019 Kula Fall Festival Quilt Show

Our Show Coordinators - Kolleen & Elyn

Overall views of our quilts in the Church

A few of our larger quilts

A Sampling of our smaller wall quilts

Items donated to the Auction

Quilt by Debby T. from Maui Quilt Guild

Items for sale by our members

Items for sale on the Lanai

Keri's Quilt for Sale

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We enjoyed sharing our talents on
Saturday September 21, 2019, from 9am to 4 pm
at St. John's Episcopal Church in Kula, Maui for our annual Fall Festival Quilt Show.  

Quilts inside the chapel were for display only.
Quilts and other home sewn items were for sale on the lanai outside the chapel.

View from Kula

Hawaiian pillow from Maui Quilt Guild

Elyn's Quilts for sale on the Lanai

One more quilt for sale

Our Guild Banner at the Church Entrance

Tiny Hawaiian Shirts by Penny D.

Penny's Items for Sale