2017 Kula Fall Festival Quilt Show

Quilt Show at Kula Fall Festival
St. John's Episcopal Church
September 23, 2017

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E Komo Mai


Quilt display inside chapel

Looking toward back of chapel

Eloise, Lyndell, Gretchen
Show organizers
Quilt by Eloise

Quilts on pews by Elyn,
Valentina, and Sheila

Quilts by Keri, Penny, Valentina, Alyson, Gloria R.

Quilts on pews by Shel, Nancy M., and Sue W.

View from St. John's

Quilts by Alyson, Charlene, Jean

Looking toward front of chapel

Jean and Matti
Show Organizers
Quilt by Nancy M. and Durlyn F.

Jean and Suzanne
Guild co-Vice Presidents
Quilt by Jean

Quilts on pews by Sheila, Sandy R., Linda, and Penny S.
Quilt on wall by Lyndell

Quilts by Alyson and Penny D.
Pillows by Elyn and Ginger

Quilts on pews by Carol B., Penny S.
Karen C., and Sandy R.

Quilts by Penny D.

St. John's Episcopal Church

Quilts by Jean, Keri, Elyn


Elyn and Kolleen
Show organizers

Quilts on wall by Penny D. and Jeri Z.
Quilts on pews by Monnie Gay and Penny D.

Quilts on wall by Lyndell and Barbara
Quilts on pews by Sheila, Lynne,
Donna, Nancy, Linda, Durlyn,
Quilts on front rail by Paula, Gloria F-B, Jan C.

Quilts on wall by Nancy and Durlyn, Elyn,
Penny S., Pam I.
Quilts on front rail by Pam I., Jan Y., Jeri Z.
Quilts on 1st pew by Lyndell, Eloise, Shel

Quilts on pews by Penny D., with
Hawaiian applique quilts on pews
by Elyn and Jean